Beezoo Espresso Bar

Sublime has a great partnership with Beezoo Espresso Bar. As their preferred supplier, we also develop their sites across Network Rail locations. Using furniture, signage and colours, Beezoo wanted to create a cool and calm atmosphere across their retail locations.

One-week turnaround

Custom Installation

Beezoo’s Rochester site was particularly challenging. A one-week deadline made available before the opening of the new station tightened the project deadlines. The expected turnover complicated the lead time of our bespoke furniture significantly. It was a prerequisite that no fixtures could be made to the structure of the station. We overcame this issue by pre-manufacturing the units in our in-house production facility; allowing a fast track refit. We took care of all aspects of the contract including the structure, electrical, plumbing, flooring, signage, a display system and kitchen.

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