How an effective store layout can increase your sales

Creating an effective customer experience is the main goal of any retail location. The design and layout of stores influence customer shopping behaviour and can lead to the generation of sales.

Create an effective customer experience

The layout of your store must be based on the goals your company wants to achieve. Most commonly this includes increasing time spent instore, sales of seasonal promotions and impulse purchases. Objectives can be accomplished by integrating merchandise, signage and furniture instore. These components create an environment that enables customers to find everything they need efficiently and effectively. While finding products quickly may not be an obvious benefit, customers are likely to return to your store if they leave having had a positive experience.

Increase sales through store layout

A well designed, memorable environment benefits staff as well as customers. By offering your staff an attractive environment to work in, morale is likely to improve which can increase productivity and efficiency. They are likely to offer a better customer experience which can lead to profitability. Creating an environment where stock placement encourages higher sales is paramount in the design.

Careful space planning allows customers to freely browse stock rather than feeling like an obstruction to others and moving away. Adding breaks in the layout can prevent customers from missing merchandise. This can be achieved by changing the profile of the retail fixtures, introducing signage and internal displays. Sublime encourage the use of signage within retail fixtures to support the design and attract customers to browse the store and check promotions.

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