The Sublime Group supply a full range of bespoke, made to order kitchen, bedroom and bathroom furniture for landlords. We are able to work with both small runs and large volume orders, with absolutely no compromise on the quality of our end products.

It’s important to maximise your return on investment and minimise your ongoing costs, so we aim to provide efficient, premium designs that are great value. As a company we are able to offer this service to landlords, estate agents, housing associations and property developers.

It’s Just

What we do

Our bespoke ideas are constantly improving and we are developing ranges to ensure we are consistently designing the most practical, comfortable and stylish furniture for tenanted properties and show homes. With our factory also storing a range of standard base units, we are perfectly placed to provide fast delivery to all properties.

Our track record and long standing expertise is shown through the clients we have worked with time and again over the past 30 years. Our trusted, innovative team are completely focused on consistency throughout your portfolio and their combined years of experience and training supports this.

It’s Just

How we do it

Why use Sublime for your properties?

  • Autokitchen design facilities
  • Full range of standard base units
  • Cost effective prices
  • Rigid and flatpack options
  • Ability to provide bespoke furniture throughout the property

AV Living Space

After the successful design of the kitchen, Sublime were invited back to the house to design an AV unit for the living area.

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