Eye Emporium

Eye Emporium asked Sublime to design and fit a new retail space that delivers professionalism and high-quality to their patients and customers. We gained an in depth understanding of Eye Emporium’s goals and delivered results based on the desired retail impact.

Deliver results

Exceed expectations

Eye Emporium were thrilled with their new retail space. Eye Emporium expressed that we were great to work with throughout the duration of the project. With a fun and approachable nature, we delivered our promises and exceeded their expectations. We paid exceptional attention to detail within Eye Emporium’s space to ensure products were fitted to the highest-finish due to the professionalism and expertise of their brand. Paying particular attention to Eye Emporium’s budget, we developed designs and furniture that created a clean and spacious environment. After Eye Emporium expressed concerns with the trustworthiness of the sector, we ensured to deliver a reliable and honest service. Following our communication, the brand felt confident that we could deliver results that achieve their retail goals.

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